6 Benefits Of A Men’s Custom Fit Shirt

We wear shirts everyday; for work, everyday casual wear or going out with friends in the evening. So, would you believe us if we told you that we bet your shirts don’t fit you right? Probably not. However, if we asked you if you’ve ever felt like your shirt collar was suffocating you, you’d probably say you’d experienced it. Thus, a classic sign of an ill-fitting shirt.

Everyone is different and has their own unique body shape & size, therefore, when buying shirts off the rack, there is bound to be one measurement that is either too short or long for you.

That being said, there are a number of benefits with purchasing a custom fit shirt over a shirt ‘off the rack’. Here are 6:

1.Un-tucked Shirts

When you’re at work, you want to dress to impress. You want to look professional, organised & career driven. However, nothing says the opposite of this like an un-tucked shirt.

A classic sign of an ill-fitting shirt is an un-tucked shirt when you get up from your desk or chair because the shirt is too short.

A custom shirt, means that the shirt will be tailored to your measurements and you wont be left un-tucked again.

2. Baggy Sleeves

There are classic scenes in movies where kids borrow clothes that are too big for them and end up with sleeves that go down to their knees. Many guys are walking around like this everyday, with sleeves on their shirts that are far too long. There are 2 ways to combat baggy sleeves; 1) roll them up which results in a creased shirt or 2) go for a custom fit shirt.

Custom shirts are also a great solution if you have longer arms compared to the average guy but everything else is in proportion; therefore with off the rack clothes you often have to pick between short sleeves or a longer shirt resulting in you having to compromise is some way.

3. Muffin Top

The opposite of point 1 is having a shirt that is too long for you, meaning that when you tuck the shirt in, the excess fabric gives the illusion of a muffin top.

If you surveyed any number of guys, we’re fairly confident that a muffin top wouldn’t be high on their list for what they deem to be fashionable. Don’t take this risk & buy shirts that are make bespoke to you.

4. Rounded Shoulders

If the shoulder width of your shirt is too big to fit, then this can give the illusion of droopy, rounded shoulders. This is due to the ‘shoulder’ section of the shirt hanging over the upper arm and not the shoulder as it was intended too. Obviously, for those of us who are lucky to have a body shape that is the same as the average man, then off the rack should be fine. However, for the vast majority of men who don’t have, what clothing manufactures deem to be an average body size, then custom fit shirts may be the best option.

If you work out and have a high shoulder to waist ratio, then a custom shirt may be your only answer, but also a great way to show off all the progress you’ve made working out shoulders. Normally a shirt with larger chest/shoulder measurements comes with wider waist & hip measurements, resulting in a nice fit across the shoulders/chest but a lot of excess fabric across the stomach & waist.

5. Don’t Take Off

Want to know how parachutes work? Well, objects with large surface areas, such as parachutes fall more slowly because they experience more air resistance.

Don’t be that guy that looks like he’s wearing a parachute because his shirt has a large surface area.

Easily done if you have long arms or a high shoulder to waist ratio as discussed above, as generally you have to buy a bigger shirt if you buy off the rack. With customer shirts there is no risk of take off.

6. Breathe Easy

Ill-fitting shirts should come with a health warning. A shirt with too small a collar size genuinely can make you feel like your shirt is strangling you if you have your top button done up.

What’s more, a top button that is too tight can make you feel extremely uncomfortable but also give you the illusion of having multiple chin. It’s so important that you have a collar size that is perfectly made for your collar measurements to help you feel comfortable and look your best.

Whenever you buy from a retail outlet, you are always buying ‘off the rack’ which means ‘shirts designed to fit standard sizes’. As most men are different, with different arm, chest, shoulder & measurement combinations, it is really a case of compromising on something. Custom shirts are a great way to get all measurement spot on and tailored to you and your body shape and size. It’s 2018, there really is no need to compromise anymore when you have great custom shirt brands like vitruvien at your fingertips.