5 Ways To Nail A First Date Night Outfit

Wherever a first date is being held, we all want to look our very best and impress. For many men, this means going with the safety-net smart shirt and jeans combo — but how can you spice this up to make sure you’re doing yourself justice? After all, it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression!
You may not deem it that important, but according to a recent survey by Zoosk, dressing nicely on a first date is a priority to 86% of singles, and 54% of women claim bad style is a deal-breaker.

5 Ways To Impress On A First Date

So, whether you’re dressing to impress at a swanky restaurant or planning a more relaxed night, here are 5 ways to ensure you’re date-night ready.

1. Pick Standout Shirts

Classic plain shirts are a great wardrobe staple and will have you looking pristine from the get-go, but statement styles show your fun side in those all-important 7 seconds.

A common misconception is that black, grey and white are the only fashionable colours. However, a study from the University of Rochester found that women prefer men who dress in bold red tones, making them seem more attractive, desirable and successful. So love really is red…

2. The Shoes To Choose

While you might want to steer more on the smart side, in most instances your best —or most expensive — suit shoes aren’t necessary. For many dates, you can get away with dressing a little more comfortably. Boat shoes, moccasins and brogues are a great way to strike the balance between smart and casual. Alternatively, a well-presented pair of Chelsea boots are timeless, with the ability to dress things up or down — you can’t go wrong! We’re a big fan of the Loake shoes at Charles Clinkard.

3. Be Inventive With Your Jeans

In the past, jeans might not have been appropriate for one of the more classy date nights, but with the ongoing evolution of denim styles and washes, the possibilities are endless!

We recognize that popular skinny jean styles are not for everyone, but with slacker styles like tapered jeans resurfacing, there’s a suitable pair out there for everyone.

The Idle Man has a great selection of slim-fit jeans in various styles and colours — ideal for giving you an extra edge, while remaining smart. Team with a pair of boat shoes to stay bang on trend.

4. Use Accessories To Reflect Your Personality

Men’s jewellery has taken off in recent years, with a greater interest in pieces like earrings, necklaces and rings. The most important thing to remember about accessorising is that it should always feel fun and reflect your personality, whether that means stacking multiple jewels or keeping it simple. Earrings and necklaces usually give off a casual vibe, whereas watches smarten things up and can be the showpiece to an otherwise simplistic outfit.

Best of all, accessorising doesn’t need to be expensive! With the main bulk of high-street stores and online retailers stocking high-quality jewellery nowadays, you can be savvy and stylish!

5. Self-Care & Grooming Are Key

Grooming isn’t just about looking your best, but feeling it too. Facial hair is a big part of the modern man’s look, so you may need to schedule in some time to prune your beard to the correct length and style beforehand. Ensuring your hair is clean and visibly cared for will put you in the good books straight away!

You might even be considering a new trim for the occasion, so be sure to go to a barber you can trust, with a clear image of the style you want so no mishaps can occur before the big day.

For further help and advice on grooming, check out our guides to essential products for beards and recommended men’s haircare products to find out what should be in your shopping basket prior to your date.

And there you have it: our top 5 tips for nailing the first-date look. Dressing well isn’t the be all and end all to succeeding on a date, but it’s a great place to start. Our guide aims to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you, so you can spend less time stressing about your outfit and more time focusing on your date.

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