5 Natural Super-Foods To Include In Your Daily Diet To Help Get In Shape

For those who are looking to loose weight or have lost weight in the past, you will know that it’s not one of lives easiest challenges.


There are a number of different ways to shift some pounds, with some choosing to rely solely on exercise an effective but time consuming way to loose weight.

An effective way to loose weight quickly is through a combination of both diet and exercise.

Nutritionists recommend that natural remedies combined with exercise help to lose weight whilst building lean muscle, helping to achieve a healthy body form. Proper HCG dieting achieved through consuming quality ingredients at the right quantity are key to maintaining a healthful body.

Super nutrients obtained from natural foods are found to be more beneficial and aid in weight lose than processed, junk foods.

Fresh unprocessed foods contain a number of nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts which help boost weight loss. Below is a comprehensive list of the best natural foods that can help you lose weight faster.

Make sure to take HCG diet drops while you are on HCG diet as these drops deal with your hunger hormones and help control your appetite.

5 Fresh Unprocessed Foods Which Help With Weight Loss:

1. Blueberries

Blueberries, a fruit known for having one of the highest amount of antioxidants.

They also contain a small about of an organic chemical known as polyphenols, known to kickstart important metabolic processes like lipolysis.

When taken raw, the lipolysis process is activated and as a result fat cells are broken down, whilst new ones are prevented from generating, all helping in weight loss.

Blueberries also have low sugar, cholesterol and natural salts (Sodium) levels unlike other fruits, which all help to stabilise your insulin levels.

Other than its role in weight lose, it also plays a key role in the prevention of skin diseases, development of cancerous tumor cells and Urinary-tract infections (UTIs).

Even frozen blueberries have both a great nutritional benefit and aid in weight loss. Freezing does not affect its constituents and therefore no cause for alarm.

2. Avocado

Avocado is a natural fruit found derived from avocado tree. Its rich in calories and contains the high levels of monounsaturated fats (the good types of fat). It contains many nutrients including vitamins K, B6, C, E and B5 and natural mineral salts such as potassium than that found in fresh banana fruits.

Avocado fruit can be taken through Guamacole, a snack prepared with fresh tomatoes, garlic and jalapeno. Avocado fruits can also be added to sandwiches or can cut into slices as a snack.

Avocado is shown to help inhibit the production of insulin and is highly recommended for those suffering with obesity/or diabetes or those simple trying to cut down on their weight.

3. Spinach

The high levels of chlorophyll found in super foods such as Spinach help give the food it’s detoxification properties and restorative effects.

Among all vegetables, scientists say spinach has the greatest capacity to help with weight lose. Spinach helps reduce heavy metal buildups in somatic cells and facilitates the circulation of oxygen when carrying out a heavy workout.

For those who are overweight and want to lose weight, it is recommendable that you incorporate spinach in your diet and do regular exercise.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great natural food that you should seek to include in your diet. It is found to be an effective spice for helping to lower cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. It has also been show to help in lowering high blood sugar level in the body and contains high levels of polyphenols which can act like insulin.

Cinnamon can be consumed in multiple recipes such as fruit salads, apple sauce, or used to make Cinnamon tea. If you love to start the day with a healthy breakfast then it can be added as a spice in oatmeal/porridge. Some people like to include Cinnamon in their lunch in recipes such as beef and pork stew, soup or a homemade jerk sauce.

5. Quinoa

In most instances, people find Quinoa to be a strange ingredient as it is not very common.

Quinoa is usually mistaken for a cereal because it has a resembling flavor and texture. It is a seed with the high protein and carbohydrate contents. Scientists recommend this kind of seed because it contains ‘Complete’ proteins that have all essential amino acids which all humans require for a healthful muscle growth and strength.

When Quiona is incorporated into your diet and combined with some exercise, it contributes to significant muscle growth.

For overweight people, Quiona helps to keep you fuller for longer and activates metabolic processes within the body which help to breakdown fats and lipids faster, helping with weight lose.

You can use it with warm meals or add to cold salads and hot soups. It is a worthy replacements for other seeds because of its carbohydrate constituents.

Try these 5 natural foods and achieve your weight loss goal without much straining.

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