5 Men’s Hairstyles That Will Be Trending For 2018


You may still be clinging on to your summer haircut, especially if you’ve taken a sneaky, late sun holiday in October, but there is no denying that the New Year 2018 is literally around the corner.

Most of us try to make New Year’s resolutions that we know we will never keep, so why not just get a new cool haircut and style that you know you have a better chance of keeping?

Choosing the right haircut for your face shape and hair type can require a lot of time looking at pictures of hairstyles to find the perfect one that will suit you. We all know that flicking through magazines or trailing the internet can be time consuming and lets face it – who has time to be doing it….

The hair experts from London School of Barbering have kindly rounded up the best haircuts you should consider in 2018, so allow them to do all the research for you. You are sure to find some inspiration from their selection of cutting edge haircuts.

5 Men’s Haircuts for 2018

1) Textured Slick Back

The textured slick back is definitely a hot haircut to consider for 2018. The infamous slick back is an old style that is forever reinvented for the modern day man. Boys forget about the slick back associations with businessmen and corporate uniform; it is the perfect antidote to a trendy and practical haircut.

The reason why this hairstyle is an increasingly popular choice is because barbers are cutting these slick backs into longer, higher styles with plenty of length and texture to style. This creates a hugely flattering style with a punchy edge and a cool modern touch.

2) Scissor Cut With A High Taper

For those of you who love your scissor cuts, you will be happy to know that scissor cuts are here to stay in 2018. Guys who get scissor cuts love the classic feel of this cut along with the simplicity of it.

Opting for a scissor cut with a high taper on the sides upgrades this classic cut to a fashionable haircut. The tapering on the sides frames this haircut, adding extra detail to the overall haircut.

This low maintenance haircut is a hit with men who are looking for a really neat and clean haircut, but still want a sharp looking style. This cut definitely has the best of both worlds. This is a long lasting haircut that is easily manageable and still looks great as it grows out.


3) The Crop

For the guys out there who have little time for styling, but still want a trendy haircut that is refined – the crop is the answer! The crop hairstyle puts a great little twist on a classic cut, giving it a modern and interesting look.

The crop is suitable for guys with short hair and a taper fade is given on the sides to contrast against the short hair on top. The fringe on a crop haircut adds to the polished and minimal look. In saying this, it is still a very strong bold look, but requires low maintenance when it comes to styling. However you may need more regular cuts to keep it in shape.

4) Natural Waves & Fade On Sides

Most guys feel like they have their work cut out for them when it comes to caring for curly or wavy hair. To be frank, this hair type is extremely attractive on guys, once your barber gives you the right cut. If you are lucky enough to have this unique hair type, you should ask for an undercut, as it is a no brainer and always looks good on men.

Wearing an undercut will give your waves an instant cooler edge and guarantees an up to date style. An undercut haircut features plenty of waves on the top, along with short back and sides, which gives plenty of contrast to the haircut. Getting your barber to do clipper work on the back and sides, creating a medium fade will strike the right balance of volume and sharpness in this haircut.

Curly hair is very easy to style as it has great texture for a messy natural look, you can even put products in wet and let it dry naturally to emphasises those curls.

5) Skin Fade With An Edge

Good news for the guys who swear by skin fades; they are going to continue to be a big hair trend in 2018, with endless variations to choose from. Skin fades are designed for adding a dramatic effect to a freshly, clean haircut. You will never have an average haircut or lack killer style with a skin fade.

If you want to take your skin fade to a whole new level, why not include a cool design with it for an edgier look. Something as simple as adding a clear line on the side and back of a skin fade can give it a sharp touch. For even a sharper barber look, why not try a high skin fade with a cool design against thick, long hair on top. The more hair you leave on top will create an amazing contrast and it will give your haircut so much depth and appeal. Guys who like the little details in a haircut will digg this style!

This style needs more maintenance to keep in shape, but let’s not forget how it stands out from the crowd. It’s worth the regular visit to your barber to keep it in shape.

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