5 Of The Most Exciting Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2016

Nothing is more exciting within the world of motorbiking than a newer, better motorbike, and this year, bike manufactures have treated us again with their new, enhanced bikes. Here are some of the best releases:

Suzuki SV650


For 2016, Suzuki has decided that it’s time to return the SV650 to its roots. When the SV650 was first launched back in 1999, it wowed us with it’s clean but retro looks. But since then the line has taken a tumble in the minds of many. But the new bike was a modern realization of Suzuki’s dream 17 years ago.

In fact, on the basis of looks alone, it’s enough to encourage newbies to do something new and take up biking. If you haven’t got your motorcycle permit yet, get started. And make sure you pass first time by practicing though sites like www.permit.bike.

Indian Scouty Sixty


The Scouty Sixty is the bike that has been behind much of the success of the Indian brand over the last few years. And not the company have revealed their 2016 model; it seems that things are going to get better.

Indian have retained the signature look of the bike but refined it a little. The bike features a oversized double exhaust on the right-hand size. And the 100 hp version comes with a large 1133 cc twin engine.

Expect to pay a fair amount for the Scouty Sixty. The Twin version starts at $11,000. However, the new version of the bike comes with a slightly smaller engine, but a much lower price tag. You can find out a lot more about this unusual bike at www.motorcycle-usa.com.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2


Ducati has done their best to blend dirt bike styling with street fighter pedigree. And the results are nothing short of amazing. The bike looks just stunning and hearkens back to earlier less complicated times.

Because Ducati is an Italian make, you can expect to pay a premium for the Sixty2. It doesn’t come cheap at nearly $8,000. But then of course, what else would you expect from a brand that has been bringing the world high-quality bikes since 1926.

Kawasaki Z800

The Z800 is for the people who want a bike that’s capable of getting close to race performance but is also something that can be ridden on the street. Last year, Kawasaki released the FZ-09, which tried to do something similar. Here was a bike that was high performance and stripped down, that also picked up many awards.

The new bike is aimed at the same group of people who loved the older version.

Yamaha SR-400


Recently, the fashion has been to build bikes that have retro looks, but modern components otherwise. But Yamaha has said “no” to that trend with the new SR-400.

The whole purpose of this bike seems to be to recreate the experience of the first SR-400, which came out all the way back in 1979. The engine components are very similar to those of the original. And the bike is even kickstart.

What’s more, the bike is the cheapest so far in this list, at around $6,000. Not bad, considering all the retro cool you get in return.

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