5 Up-And-Coming Brands That You Seriously Need To Check Out

One of the hardest thing I find when shopping these days is find something cool and unique that I won’t see on everyone else if I walk down the street. Yes, while there are thousands of clothing brands and high street names out there, it still doesn’t mean that they don’t all sell the same old stuff.

So I always keep my eyes peeled for new, up and coming brands that can offer something a bit different!

Here are a few increasingly successful brands out there that are still under the radar, offering something unique and special…

Profound Aesthetic


Profound Aesthetic pride themselves on the literal meanings of the words, Profound meaning ‘Going far beneath what is superficial, external or obvious. Penetrating deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge, the meaning, concept or message and Aesthetic meaning, ‘a sense of beautiful or the philosophy of aesthetic. The look, or the visual appeal of something’. Profound Aesthetic use urban and uneven styles in order to create an aesthetically pleasing item of clothing. It is different, but will appeal to those who prefer streetwear.

Antony Morato

antony morato

This ultra-cool brand was established in Italy in 2007. Lello Caldarelli, the creator, wanted to produce a wearable, high-quality and stylish clothing, that was also accessible. Though the vision has expanded through popularity, the style and quality has remained the same, with established ranges of men’s jeans, t-shirts, jumpers and many more. Once Morato began to establish themselves, he saw a vision into the casual world, in which he took it upon himself to produce sweatpants, casual t-shirts and polo t-shirts.

Arcane London


Arcane London is a fashion and lifestyle brand, revolving around the concept of simplicity. Their seasonal change is small, but produce clothing capable of being worn all year round. I really love collections like the Permanent Vacation, which rejuvenates everyday wear with experimental use of technical fabrics and colours. Their motto is to inspire with their ‘euphoric holiday feeling’, using classic, stylish and simple clothing. It is an extremely unique brand and is ‘understood by few’.

Android Homme


Android Homme are a brand that have been hugely influential in the rise of sports luxe. Their influential designs have come to life, producing a marriage of luxury and sports, slowly breaking moving away from the independent label. Laval, or Javier Laval, the Creative Designer and founder has taken the brand to higher and higher heights with their aesthetically pleasing brand.



Not so much a brand, this incredible concept store based in Birmingham that’s been trading for over twenty years, Autograph has been commended by the likes of FHM and Esquire for its comprehensive brand mix. With a base of British heritage brands, the store builds on this foundation with a contemporary offering from the likes of 3.1 Philip Lim, T by Alexander Wang and Neil Barrett, as well as several lesser-known names like streetwear brand FI5TH from Manchester and Italian reversible jacket experts Fifteen & Half. Autograph’s close-knit ties with brands such as Paul Smith mean you may even be able to find a store-exclusive piece or two.

The beauty of independent clothing brands is that their clothing isn’t mass produced, making them unique, timeless and individualistic. Any of the items can be exactly what you need, rather than having mass produced products that are following trends or are only produced in order to make money. Independent clothing brands are there for you to appreciate clothes and buy them because they fit you, so try these out!

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