4 Timeless Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

While fashion trends come and go, thankfully some items will never go out of style. If you base your wardrobe around these timeless items of clothing then you’ll always be able to construct a fantastic looking outfit, no matter what the occasion.

To help you put together a wardrobe that will stand the test of time, here’s our pick of 4 timeless wardrobe essentials that every man should own. Read on to upgrade your style today:

1. An Oxford shirt

Invented in 19th century Scotland and established as a preppy staple by Ralph Lauren in the 1970s, the Oxford shirt transcends eras. Just as at home in the office as it is down the pub, invest in this ageless classic in your favourite colours if you’re looking for an item you can rely on for any situation. Our recommendation is that a white oxford shirt is a great wardrobe investment, suitable for many occasions.

Match an Oxford shirt with chinos and a pair of brogues for an instant smart casual look. Alternatively, roll up the sleeves and wear it open over a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans for something more relaxed.

2. Chinos

Want to know how to instantly add style to any casual outfit? Swap that old pair of jeans for some chinos.

Inherently more formal than their denim counterparts but still a long way off suit trousers, chinos bridge the gap between smart and relaxed that so many men struggle with. This makes them the perfect addition to your collection if you want to take your style to the next level.

Chinos cover almost the whole colour spectrum, but if you’re looking for a classic pair that will go with almost anything, go for a navy, pebble, or tan pair. Pair these with an Oxford shirt and a blazer for a refined look or a pair of minimalist trainers, a T shirt, and a Harrington jacket for something not-so-casual.

You can pick two pairs of this timeless classic up for £100 in the men’s chinos range at Joseph Turner, where you can chose from flat or pleated front in a range of colours.

3. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are another wardrobe essential you simply can’t go wrong with. Whether you prefer leather or suede, black or brown, you’ll be getting a pair of boots that look just as great dressed up or down.

Pair with your favourite jeans and a checked shirt for a grungy look, or use them to add an edge to a suit. For more simple ideas about how to wear Chelsea boots, take a look at this short video from The Idle Man.

4. A pair of Wayfarers

It’s easy to go wrong when it comes to sunglasses. Instead of hanging on to a cheap pair you picked up in the airport before your last holiday, invest in a pair of Wayfarers.

Introduced in 1952, this iconic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses has definitely stood the test of time. They’re as cool now as they’ve ever been before, and they can instantly add style to any summer outfit. You can pick up a pair of Wayfarers with free delivery and returns from the Ray-Ban site — go for a classic black or tortoise shell frame for a pair that will go everything.

There you have it: four ageless classics that will add style to any man’s wardrobe. Invest in these and you’ll always be able to pull together a trendy outfit for any occasion.

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