The 4 Golden Rules Of Men’s Jewellery

For many years, jewellery has always been more of a women’s interest, with the exception of a wedding ring. It was only the big rock and roll stars, like Mick Jagger, that could pull off jewellery like bracelets and earrings. However, times are changing as jewellery of all types are becoming more and more popular amongst men.

Male jewellery has become more than just a day-to-day wear; it is a way for a man to express his cool and individual sense of style. Now that more men are adorning themselves in accessories, it is important to know how to make an intended statement through the use of jewellery and not stand out for the wrong reasons.

Here are the 4 commandments of making a statement with male jewellery.

1. Consider The Occasion

A pendant necklace or stud earring can be a great accessory for a night out, but it’s probably not going to go down well if you turn up to a job interview supporting these casual pieces of jewellery.

Formal occasions like black tie dress code and interviews require careful choices with jewellery. Take our advice and limit your jewellery to a watch, cufflinks, wedding ring, or a potential tie clip. You can always put the stud earring in your wallet and put it back in at the pub later.

Cufflinks are an important accessory for a formal occasion outfit and they can make a bold statement. Made from a variety of materials such as gold or silk, cufflinks vary in style and design and there is a taste for every budget. Platinum cufflinks are elegant, valuable and strong while Enamel cufflinks are colourful, smooth and durable. Pick the right design to match the occasion as well as the outfit.

2. Don’t Clash The Metals

It is important to consider the metals within the jewellery and ensure that they match when wearing numerous pieces of jewellery. A Gold Rolex needs pairing with equally-bling rings and cufflinks. The easiest metal to pair is silver as it is less ostentatious and sits well alongside stainless steel.

Common materials are steel, titanium, silver, rope and leather. A casual leather band creates a great look with a rope bracelet and wooden beads or stones and demonstrates an artistic side of a man, it’s great for a casual occasion. Layering these bracelets with a mixture of weight and width is a fashionable and stylish look.

If you are opting for men’s bracelets with a more luxury look, it’s best not to mix these with casual styles. Pair stainless steel, titanium and even a gemstone mix. Copper and magnetic bracelets serve two purposes, adornment and aids in aches and pains in the writs and hands.

3. Start With The Essentials

Don’t get caught up with all the bling and forget about essentials. A watch is a practical device that can also be the centrepiece to a man’s jewellery selection and our advice would be to start your jewellery collection with a watch that will last for many years to come… think of a watch as an investment. It doesn’t mean you can’t bling up your essentials though, diamond studded and rose-gold watches catch the eye and have a luxury and elegant look but at the same time, always seek support from your friends when thinking about a garish design.

Your watch should reflect your personality, you can go elegant, sporty or casual and there are many different colours and designs for each watch segment to choose from. Make sure the brand suits your style and you have a reason for choosing that particular style. That way you have a great story to tell every time someone complements you on your watch.

4. Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes, it’s best to leave the finger thick chains and oversized piercings to the Gucci runway. Accessories are great, but there is a fine line between a statement and OTT. Go for quality over quantity and carefully select the widths and sizes of all pieces.

Also take note of proportions. If you have small hands or a small wrist, a huge watch face will only make your body look smaller. Go for complementing sizes, bigger doesn’t always necessarily mean better.

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