3 Things To Consider When Deciding What To Wear For A Wedding

If you have been invited to a wedding, rest assured that the ceremony itself will probably go by without a hitch. So, you can look forward to the couple uttering “I do”, while you might as well already imagine what that cake will taste like. Preparing for that wedding, however, can be a very different story – and take in various elements including deciding your attire for the day.

To help you to relieve anguish that could arise during this part of the preparation, I’ve detailed, below, three things that you should think especially hard about.

The Timing Of Your Preparation

How far ahead should you start preparing? It can depend. If, for example, a bride or bridesmaid intends to lose weight ahead of the big day, they should inform their seamstress sufficiently in advance, StyleCaster advises. For working on their beauty regimen, however, a bride should start at least a month before the wedding day. It will take at least a week for collagen and fillers to settle.

Meanwhile, a bridesmaid who likes to regularly go spray tanning should make sure that their last appointment is no later than a week beforehand. They should do this to prevent themselves looking, at the wedding, overly dark, red or runny.

Should You Stand Out Or Blend In?

The bride and groom are, of course, the stars of the big day. Therefore, everyone at the ceremony should dress with respect for this. If, as the bride, you will be doing the traditional thing of wearing a white dress, you should be aware of the wedding aesthetic before you buy that dress.

However, the bride and groom shouldn’t be made to work too strenuously to keep the lion’s share of attention at the wedding. The other attendees should, quite simply, keep their attire classy but also subtle. So, groomsmen should wear similar accessories to the groom, while bridesmaids should keep their nail art basic and seek the bride’s approval on various other matters.

Similarly, a mother of the bride or groom shouldn’t debut a whole new look at the wedding. Doing this risks stealing the spotlight from the son or daughter who is getting hitched.

Go For A Pristine, Not Sloppy, Look

If you attempt to rush the preparation, that will probably show in how you look. That’s because your clothes could appear ill-suited or unkempt, as you have failed to give yourself sufficient time to check over them before appearing at the major ceremony.

Will you be a guest or attendee at a wedding in a church or a conservative Jewish wedding? If so, avoid wearing anything sleeveless. If, on the other hand, the wedding will be on a sunny beach, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your shades during proceedings.

It’s a good idea to, before the wedding, purchase two pairs of shoes and save one for the main event and the other for the reception should you want to hit the dance floor. Dickies Life stocks a pleasing variety of authentic boots for men.

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