3 Easy Tips For A Healthy, Great-Looking Beard

While growing a beard is one of the most primal things you can do, you should forget about any myths that suggest caring for your beard will be easy.


While you may be fond of the rugged, somewhat dishevelled-looking beards worn by Tom Hanks in Castaway or Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, these beard styles are probably not going to sit well if you’re working in a nine-to-five job. Your beard needs to be kept tidy and looking great — this is going to take a bit of work.

While there have been several bizarre beard-related trends over recent years — beard glitter, baubles and even plaits — you should not shy away from using new products to enrichen your beard, even if they appear gimmicky on the surface. Here we will recommend our top 3 tips for growing a glorious, rich beard as well as recommending some helpful products that you can use along the way.

Combing Your Beard

When it comes down to it, your beard consists of the same hair that is on your head, and you wouldn’t think twice about running a brush or comb through that. Therefore, it is completely negligent to fail in looking after your beard. You can run a regular hair brush or a comb through beards to keep them well-maintained and free from tats.

It would be best to use a wide-toothed comb. A fine-tooth comb would attempt to separate the strands of hair in your beard, which will not only be difficult to do, but will also be painful. A wider-toothed comb doesn’t attempt to separate the hair, but will remove any tats or dead hair that is lying in your beard. This handmade beard comb from Etsy can be personalised and has a cool flip design so you can carry it with you without the teeth being snapped.

Conditioning Your Beard

Again, just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be conditioned often in order to look its best. Beards, by nature, are quite scraggly; without making an extra effort to treat it and nourish the hair, it can end up feeling dry, coarse, and itchy. Ideally, you will condition your beard as often as you condition your hair, though you should try and use specialist treatment if you have the time and budget.

The Proraso grooming range available from Fat Buddha is dedicated to sculpting and nourishing healthy, great-looking beards. One of their newest products is the hot oil beard treatment: a conditioning agent that is first heated before being applied to a damp beard. The oil enriches the beard, moistening every strand of hair and leaving it feeling fantastic.

Trimming Your Beard

While you may be looking to eventually grow a thick, full beard, trimming will allow you to control hair length in particular areas. There is no exact science to beard growth, and the rate in which hair grows on different parts of your face can vary between each person. Trimming your beard allows you to keep its shape and prevent your facial hair from looking overgrown and messy.

The way in which you trim your beard will depend on how long you are looking to grow it. With a long, grisly beard, consider trimming with vanity scissors so that you can style it more intricately. For a closer beard, however, you may benefit from using an electric beard trimmer. These trimmers have length control, so that you can set how close you want your shave to be before you begin. This beard trimmer guide from The Telegraph will provide you with great advice on which product is right for you.

Keeping your beard looking healthy and stylish is much easier than many may have anticipated, and by following these three pieces of advice you will see results in next to no time.

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