Why 2017 Will Be The Year To Invest In A New Pair Of Jeans

Jeans are one of the key stables of fashion, found in practically every man’s wardrobe. They never seem to go out of fashion and we pray they never will. With every retailer selling their own range of jeans, it seems that every year, designers try to re-invent them, and find ways to tempt us with a new pair that were fairly similar to the ones we’re already wearing but we’re still easily tempted. On paper, it would seem that it is quite hard to reinvent a simple item of clothing like a pair of jeans but it is obviously easily achievable for each designer every year.

The latest trends over the past few months, on both the high street and catwalks suggests to us that jeans are set to be even hotter for 2017. Without a doubt, most men’s clothing retailers will make them a central part of their collection. So what are our predicted men’s jean trends for 2017?

Legs To Get Wider Again

After the jeggings, and skinny jeans trends that has dominated men’s jean trends over the past few years, things are starting to move in the opposite direction. We have started to see a bigger choice of straight cut jeans on the catwalk, and in the shops too.

Union Blue Sydney Stretch Tapered Jean

For those of you who still like the idea of the skinny cut jean then a good option to benefit from the wider jean trend could be to try a tapered jean. A tapered jean offers you the best of both worlds as you can benefit from the wider jean trend but still go for a well shaped jean too. They are more generously cut at the top of the leg, but taper to a narrow fit at the ankle. The fact that this cut allows more freedom of movement means that they are far more comfortable to wear than skinny cut jeans are. Also, because they taper to the ankles, they are not so baggy that they flap uncomfortably around your lower leg.

Distressed Denim & Turn Ups

Most designers have opted for the distressed look. Washed out denim, rips and tears are all popular.

We have also noticed turn ups featuring on some catwalks. In all likelihood, this is a passing fad, but they are a great feature if you like wearing boots with your jeans.

Belts Up

After nearly two decades of people wearing jeans without belts, things have started to change. This year, some designers have decided to include a belt with their jeans. The majority have a retro look, with old school webbing belts being the ones we have seen most.

Pocket Trends

After struggling to find a pair of jeans with pockets that are big enough to allow you to go out without having to take some sort of bag with you, it is great to see that usable pockets are back. There are more of them, and they are deeper than they have been in the past.

Crosshatch Lopes Jean

Most jeans still feature the classic five pockets, but some designers have gone a step further and added an extra one located on the leg. Thigh pockets are popping up everywhere.

Mixed Fabrics

The denim look is definitely set to stay. But, very few of the jeans we have seen recently are made from traditional, 100% cotton denim.

Most of them are made from a mix of fibres. This is great from a durability, care and comfort point of view. Mixed fabrics are far easier to keep clean than 100% natural materials are, and they tend to dry faster. They also offer better flexibility, which means that jeans that are made from a mix of manmade on natural fibres are more comfortable.

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