2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Style

In an age where trends come and go as often as the tide in the harbour, keeping up with them is not the most straightforward task.


Rather than something you do to try and stay socially acceptable, it ends up being more of a lifestyle. With people lining up outside of the Supreme store at ungodly hours for a large part of the day, just for a chance to get a ticket which then, in turn, gives you a chance to buy a belt or a hoodie, people are taking very fashion seriously. Of course, Supreme is more of a streetwear brand, with its roots in skateboarding culture, but even then it still fetches several thousand for some items on online marketplaces.

With so many people living and breathing fashion, it is hard to stand out from the crowd without spending ridiculous amounts of money on each piece of clothing you wear.

However, with just a few good decisions in places where they count, it is possible to look like you mean business, while still actually being able to stay in business.

A Timepiece

Watches have been a part of not only tradition but pop culture in general.

With all the different design approaches to wristwatches, there is a market for everyone. From the sleek and futuristic designs which incorporate minimalistic design theories and LCDs to create a modern take on the traditional timepiece. To the classy, bold and elegant watches, made of metal, glass and boasting a genuine mechanism with beautifully crafted clock faces, keeping the tradition alive with a modern twist. As well as just about everything else in-between.

Staple characters in world cinema like James Bond, always sported beautiful, stylish watches, bringing in an air of refinement to the otherwise simple and often heavy-handed approach of their arm.

Having a dapper and classy watch on display to compliment your attire is an openly accepted sign of prestige, often even becoming a conversation piece.

A snazzy roamer watch is sure to grab people’s attention on the street, the office and the restaurant alike, leaving you feeling more confident than ever.

A Wallet

Let’s take a look at this theoretical situation. You are out with a group of people, maybe friends, maybe some potential business partners and things are going just great. Then, one of the people asks for your business card. You proceed to reach into your pocket and pull out a destroyed piece of bulging nylon, shiny due to the amount of time it has been sliding around in your pocket for the past four years. It is  full of random bills as well as membership cards for coffee shops which you keep forgetting to use. You then manage to fumble out your card, slightly bent at the edges and deliver it to the person asking after a record time of five minutes. That could’ve gone better could it not?

Having a stylish wallet is sure to emphasise your attire, be it full dress clothes or just pulling off the smart jeans look, a wallet which suits it is a surefire way to garner positive attention. After buying your new wallet which could possibly cost a relatively considerable amount, try not to leave it looking deformed like the last one. Cut down on the amount of cards you carry around, get rid of all those pesky receipts you’ve been collecting, leave them at home somewhere and just stick with the bare necessities which you know you will actually use during your day.

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