10 Signs That You Are Probably A Hipster But Don’t Yet Know It


There’s no denying that hipsters have become a familiar sight around the world. They are people that like to dress and stay on trend and have a fusion of styles and tastes.


If that sounds like you, then it’s likely you are a hipster. Although you perhaps won’t admit to being one! Being a hipster isn’t a bad thing, in case you wondered. If you’re not sure whether you are a hipster or not, the following ten examples might prove it to you:

You have a beard

Growing facial hair in itself doesn’t make you a hipster. But, what if your beard is well-groomed and echoes the facial fashion shared by Victorian men? Well, in that case, you have the makings of a hipster!

You prefer exotic smoothies to tea and coffee

Many hipsters tend to defy convention in a lot of ways. Many people often drink tea and coffee on a regular basis. Hipsters prefer to drink healthy, exotic smoothies made at home using their juicers.

You live your life through Instagram

Hipsters love to photograph almost everything in their daily lives. From the food they eat to street art they notice on their travels, it’ll all go on Instagram. Perhaps Facebook should rename it “Hipstergram”?

You are the only person you know that studies food labels

That’s because you want to check out if the food you buy is organic and natural. Of course, that isn’t a reason in itself to get labelled a hipster, but it’s a good indicator!



You don’t buy your clothes from retail chains

One thing you loathe is handing over your money to retail chains for your trendy clothes. Instead, you prefer to buy from independent sellers. Especially ones that have proven ethical credentials.

You are a vegetarian

Controversial I know, but plenty of hipsters are vegetarian (or vegan). They care about the environment and don’t want to harm animals. As a result, they prefer eating Quorn to steaks. Another reason some hipsters are veggie is because they are conscious about their weight.

You wear shoes without socks

A common trait of hipsters is the need to wear shoes without socks. Let’s face it; socks are quite overrated. Trendy people care not for socks; they want to show off their ankles to the world!

You don’t listen to mainstream music

One thing hipsters can’t stand is mainstream music. Sure, they know about it and perhaps can’t avoid hearing it on their travels. But, when they have the choice, they prefer to listen to unusual genres of music.

You deny being a hipster

If many of the above points apply to you, then it’s obvious you are a hipster. Of course, hipsters will deny the fact because they don’t want to get associated with a label!

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